Looking for a great fundraising idea? Try these bestsellers!

Book Cover for Don't Turn Your Back in the Barn Keep Sweet Book Cover

That's right...your favourite charity or non-profit group could raise funds by selling the popular Adventures of a Country Vet series by Dr. Dave Perrin.

Each book is brimming with compassionate, humorous stories about people who find themselves in the strangest situations with their animals. They're a great read for anyone who likes animals and needs a good laugh.

Start fundraising today!

If your local community group, school or favourite charity is looking for a great, new fundraising idea, try these best-sellers.

The books are available on a shared-profit basis.Every time you sell one book your group keeps 40% of the cover price. You can make almost $10.00 on every book sold. 

Plus, you can order copies signed by the author. These entertaining books will practically sell themselves. Why not give it a try?

From Dr. Dave:

"I always felt that books about veterinary medicine and animals in general would sell well, especially when the pages were filled with real-life stories that are both funny and heart warming. I know it can be hard to fundraise and that's why I'm so happy to be able to offer these best-selling books to your group on a shared-profit basis. My work has been compared favourably to the writing of famous British veterinarian James Herriot. Many children were raised reading his books and watching the television series 'All Creatures Great and Small'. This should make your fundraising efforts that much easier and I'm confident book sales will help you reach your fundraising targets."

You purchase a minimum of 10 books at $14.37(CND) for Adventures of a Country Vet book or $17.37(CND) for Keep Sweet. That is $143.70 - $173.70 for 10 books (plus 5% HST). You sell 10 books at the cover price of $23.95(CND) or $28.95(CND)for $239.50 - $289.50. You keep the difference between the sale price and what you paid for them. That's $95.80(CND) - $115.80(CND) profit you get for every 10 books you sell.

Fundraising just got a whole lot easier!

Download the application form, fill it electronically and send it by mail or e-mail to Or call us at (250) 428-3931 for more information.

Click here to download the application form.

If you have a list of people you want the books dedicated to, you can request a dedication from Dr. Perrin.

Click here to download the dedication form.