August 12, 2016...a day off volleyball

August 12, 2016 was another day off from volleyball, and we were supposed to go on a tour to cruise the Rio shoreline and go through the islands offshore. It was after 1 when we got home the night before, and when Ruth got up and called at 6:30 this morning it was obvious that we were not going to make it to the pick-up location by 7. The cruise line actually rebooked us for a later date and we slept on.

August 11, 2016...Canada vs France

August 11, 2016 started with a text that our luggage was in Rio and the airline had made two attempts to deliver it. We brought google translate messages to the management of the complex plus each new guard at the gate, so that everyone supposedly knew of our situation. Strangely, no one at the gate admits to turning away a delivery. As a result we are determined to stay near the gate ourselves. Ruth started at 10 this morning and Alicia followed her. I am into my stint now sitting inside a gated complex with my computer on my lap waiting for some sort of delivery from the airline.

August 10, 2016 was another day off from Olympic play for the camp followers

August10, 2016 was another day off from Olympic play for the camp followers. We had gotten back late from the game last night so no one was up and about in a big hurry to get moving this morning (Gord’s game against Brazil had not started until 10:30 PM). When I wandered through the rest of the unit at 12:30 PM today, I still found Alicia and Ruth sound asleep. Ruth had booked a trek into the jungle for her and Alicia for the 10th and when I went to bed they were still debating whether or not to get up for the 8:30 start time across the city.

August 9, 2016...Brazil and Canada

August 9, 2016 started out with several new calls to TAM airlines to try and get some action on locating out luggage. It would be nice to get our bags back before we leave on the 23rd. Ruth actually got an agent who seemed to be somewhat concerned that we have now existed for four days without the things we had packed for the trip. Let’s hope that his concern turns into a bit of action on their part. The “girls” got into shopping mode yesterday, and did their best to put a dent in Ruth’s $1,000 insurance claim.

August 8, 2016...a day off

Monday, August 8 was a day off for the Canadian team. Ruth, Alicia and I went to a shopping centre across from our condo and perused the facility for things they wanted to buy. Can’t say that I was overly interested in trying to look for big and tall clothes in Brazil or to buy things that just don’t fit. There’s still no word on our luggage, other than they seem to have found three bags somewhere in the world and may consider getting them to us some time in the future. I hope someone gets motivated to do something about it soon. I left all of my suppliments in my suitcase.


August 7, the day of the first game against the USA

August 7, 2016 was our first real conscious day on the streets of Rio. We had picked up tickets to the games that our team would be playing in during the preliminary round at Canada House the night before.  After venturing out to do a preliminary run of our down town neighbourhood, we decided it was much like any other big city and there was not much to be afraid of. Everyone was shopping as they would in any other city, and no one appeared to be stressed out as the news media had predicted.

Day One of Rio

What better time to resume posting something on my blog page. For some reason, just couldn’t keep up with it in the past. On August 4, my ex-wife, Ruth, my daughter Alicia, and I, journeyed to Calgary to be ready for the flight to Rio the following morning. Number two son, John Gordon was going to be in the Olympics as an integral part of the Canadian National Volleyball team. Although there were a few minor worries about the Brazilian preparedness for the event, security, etc. we were determined to make the best of this venture.


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