A Cowboy’s Psalm



Look for me not

in the city streets

amids’t the rushing traffic and the flashing lights.

Seek me not in a concrete maze

where the sun is hidden from my eyes,

and my soul is weighted by the trinkets of man.

Give me the space

of my valley home,

and surround me with the works of the hand of God.

Confine me not

to a wooden box,

but spread my ashes unto the wind.

Let me be one

with the land I loved so dear.

Let me be a part of the soil, of the grass, and the cows that graze upon it.

And as the sun rises over the mountains,

and the shadows are driven from the valley floor,

know that I am there.

In all things

that are of the land,

look for me.

I am the black earth

that curls

from the blade of your plow.

I am the grass

that grows beneath your feet.

I am the leaves that rustle with the breeze.

I float upon the calm waters

of the river

that meanders by.

I ride upon the wings

of the hawk that circles

the valley floor.

My spirit soars,

for I am free.

I have become one with the land I loved so dear.