Introduction to My Poetry Page

I suspect that many of my readers may not be big fans of poetry, but just for the heck of it, give it a listen. For me, writing poems has always been a form of release when the pressures of the day got too heavy to carry. Until I became the editor of the Probe, the newsletter for the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, I would usually scratch a few lines on an envelope, or a scrap of paper, and then promptly discard it after I finished doodling. Many of the first poems I kept were therefore commentaries on things that were going on during the years I was slaving away to become knowledgeable about my profession…a few of them, were aimed at professors, and some at other students in an attempt to get more articles in the multipage rag that we called the Probe. There were also many things that happened in the summer breaks that caught my attention. Some of the more romantic verses were likely penned in those times.

After I started my practice, there always seemed to be something new to provoke thought and to write about…life seems to be continually firing shots across our bows in order to keep our attention. For those of you who are critics of poetry, maybe you should look elsewhere for something to read. I never studied the writing of verse beyond my grade six literature class where we were forced to memorize In Dreams I See a Dromedary, and What is This Life if full of Care?.

Until now, a lot of my poems were not even properly punctuated…they were only for me to read. For the years after I started practice, and before I was married, I was frequently called upon to do readings. Because, the spoken word has always been my preferred way of expression, we will attempt to post poems on a semi-regular basis, where I present them orally while you read along with me. We worked through the bugs in my presentation and with the help of Derek Thiessen, my daughter Alicia’s boyfriend, they are now available on my YouTube channel.

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I hope you get some enjoyment from them.


Dr. Dave Perrin.