The Adventures of Country Vet Series (6 Books + Free Bonus)


Are you ready for the full adventure? Get the Complete Country Vet Series and read the amazing stories of Dr. Dave as he starts his veterinary practice from scratch in the Creston Valley.

6 Books:

  1. Don’t Turn Your Back in the Barn
  2. Dr. Dave’s Stallside Manner
  3. Where Does It Hurt?
  4. Never Say Die
  5. When the Going Gets Tough
  6. Better Late Than Never

Free Bonus Included: A Dog to Give Away

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Publisher: Daves Press
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Don’t Turn Your Back in the Barn (Book #1)

Fresh out of veterinary college, Dr. Dave Perrin has been in practice for two days in the Creston Valley, and already he’s found trouble. The first book in the series focuses on the humorous incidents that inevitably happen in a rural practice that treats cows in the morning and kittens in the afternoon. Dr. Dave relies on Doris, his steadfast assistant, to help him in the surgery and to organize the daybook, but even she sometimes has trouble balancing his hectic schedule.

Dr. Dave’s Stallside Manner (Book #2)

The country vet puts down roots in his second volume of hilarious stories from rural British Columbia. He has purchased a piece of property under the mountains south of Creston and has acquired some cattle with his realtor friend, Gordon. He dreams of developing the land and eventually living on it. Soon, however, he will discover his unpredictable neighbour. She has pigs. Will the animals be able to co-exist? More to the point: Will the determined country vet and the feisty farmer get along?

Where Does It Hurt? (Book #3)

Dr. Dave Perrin has been through the proverbial mill in his first two years as a country veterinarian, but his trials are only just beginning. This third volume of stories takes him to the dark side and back out into the light.

Never Say Die (Book #4)

As he and his father wrangle over construction methods and almost everything else, Dave puts in overtime to deal with the medical concerns of his endearing patients. He meets some of the most improbable clients and frustrating cases of his career. His small animal practice thrives as snakes with indigestion, traumatized rabbits, and alcoholic dogs are deposited on his exam table.

When the Going Gets Tough (Book #5)

Construction on his dream home is progressing at a snail’s pace, but everything else in Dr. Dave’s complicated life is charging ahead full tilt. He’s hired a recent graduate to assist with his practice and is moving to a new clinic. With faithful dog, Lug, at his side, Dave deals with a multitude of eccentric clients and unpredictable patients: Petunia, the housebroken calf; Skroopchuck, the cat from hell; Snowball, the cockatoo with a taste for blood; Greta Maletta, the family pet who doesn’t know she’s a chicken; and Coonie, a wayward raccoon who lays claim to the family farm.

Better Late Than Never (Book #6)

Dr. Dave plays host and healer to a wide variety of critters. Meet an unusually placid donkey and his obstinate owner, a shepherd-cross dog reincarnated as a wolf, a goat with unresolved anger issues, a much-loved palomino, and one very ungrateful heron. Dr. Dave is assisted in the office by Doris, Marg, and Jan, always ready to lend a hand, and accompanied by loyal German shepherd Lug by his side. Chaotic demands and eccentric characters are all part of the best job in the world for the
soft-hearted, hard-working Dr. Dave.

A Dog to Give Away (BONUS OFFER)

Dr. Dave returns once again with his (mostly true) story of Lug, the stray German Shepherd who was to become his trusted and loyal companion. Fans of the Don’t Turn Your Back in the Barn series will know Lug as a character, but no one has heard Lug’s full story — until now.


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