Dr. Dave’s Stallside Manner: More Adventures of a Country Vet


Dr. Dave’s Stallside Manner is the second book in the Countr Vet Series. Experience the continuing adventures of Dr. Dave as he begins to establish roots in the Creston Valley.

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The country vet puts down roots in his second volume of hilarious stories from rural British Columbia. He has purchased a piece of property under the mountains south of Creston and has acquired some cattle with his realtor friend, Gordon. He dreams of developing the land and eventually living on it. Soon, however, he will discover his unpredictable neighbour. She has pigs. Will the animals be able to co-exist? More to the point: Will the determined country vet and the feisty farmer get along?

At the moment, though, Dr. Dave’s practice hasn’t slowed down one iota. He’s so busy he has to hire a second office assistant to help Doris with the dozens of dogs, cats, and piglets that come squealing through the door at all hours of the day or night. The doctor encounters situations they didn’t discuss at veterinary college. There’s the call to perform a Caesarian on a cow at forty below zero, and the invitation to help an inexperienced, wayward stallion “make it” with a reluctant mare. Somehow, Dave gets through it all, though not necessarily unscathed.

He meets new loveable country characters—both animal and human—who more often than not follow their own agenda. Dr. Dave’s advice may go unheeded, but his compassion and dedication to the job survive.

Survival is indeed an issue in the final chapter when he gets himself into swift water on the Moyie River. He’s signed himself up to participate in the Yahk Raft Race—an exciting finish to his second volume of adventures.

Illustrations: Wendy Liddle

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