Where Does It Hurt? Further Adventures of a Country Vet


Dr. Dave’s Stallside Manner is the third book in the Country Vet Series. Experience the many pains and dilemmas that come with the life of a veterinarian.



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Dr. Dave Perrin has been through the proverbial mill in his first two years as a country veterinarian, but his trials are only just beginning. This third volume of stories takes him to the dark side and back out into the light.

He and his dairymen clients are fighting a deadly bacterium that is killing cows. The crisis is keeping the doctor awake as he mulls over the diagnostic dilemma. Daily, he is faced with new challenges. He performs a difficult, almost fatal, orthopedic surgery on a Border collie that has been hit by a car. He treats a cow with hardware but can’t offer any help to the wife and children of the cow’s abusive owner.

In the midst of the chaos, however, humour comes in the form of the eccentric characters and situations the good doctor continues to encounter. One of his farm clients persuades him to perform artificial insemination on his turkeys. Dr. Dave’s faithful dog, Lug, runs afoul of the next-door neighbour, and Doris sends her boss to the local House of Beauty for a trim and inevitable ribbing from the gay proprietors.

Where Does It Hurt? finds the country vet searching for answers about love and loss. His life takes a surprising turn when he makes the decision to confront his demons.

Illustrations: Wendy Liddle

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